Geocoding USA & Canada since 2005.


What is is a public web service providing both free and commercial geocoding services for North America: Canada and the USA. Geocoding is the process of computing the latitude and longitude of a location.


Looking for a Canadian geocoding service, we found a few inaccurate, incomplete and expensive ones.
So we decided to build our own.

History: sprung out as a practical application from the academic research conducted by Ervin Ruci in the field of Computational Geometry at the School of Graduate Studies, Carleton University during the 2004-2005 academic year. The first free canadian geocoder was released on July 5th 2005.

Current Status:

This geocoder is constantly improving and expanding in response to the GIS computational needs of the web development community.

How accurate is our Geocoding:

I have observed an average error of 9 metres. That's better than GPS accuracy. (however in rural areas the approximations could be more rough. that is being improved though.)

Future Plans:

As noted on the front page, improving this free service is an ongoing process. Keep an eye at this page for announcements on new releases.

Our Location.

601 - 1435 prince of wales, ottawa, ontario, canada, k2c 1n5.
phone: (613) 402-1203

Ackowledgements: Many thanks to Professor Michiel Smid for getting me interested in Computational Geometry in the first place.

Legal News, May 2016 - In regards to Canadian Postal Code data on

Canada Post commenced court proceedings in 2012 against Geolytica Inc. for copyright infringement in relation to Geolytica Inc.'s Canadian Postal Code Geocoded Dataset and related services offered on its website at The parties have now settled their dispute and Canada Post will discontinue the court proceedings. The postal codes returned by various geocoder interface APIs and downloadable on, are estimated via a crowdsourcing process. They are not licensed by from Canada Post, the entity responsible for assigning postal codes to street addresses. Geolytica continues to offer its products and services, using the postal code data it has collected via a crowdsourcing process which it created. Notice of Discontinuance