Autocomplete demo - start typing a Canadian address below: Autocomplete class in javascript

A Javascript Class to use geocoder autocomplete API for Canadian postal addresses.


This Class is designed for use only with

You can use this library without any dependecies


simply include the script in <script> tag

Start Using

<input id="test" name="test" class="form-control"/>
var autocomplete=new autocomplete({
			key:'your auth code',
			itemtemplate:'<a href="{{geocodeaddr}}" class="list-group-item list-group-item-action flex-column align-items-start"> \
			<img width="24px" src="img/geocodelogo.svg"/> {{geocodeaddr}} <span class="float-right badge badge-warning"> > </span> </a>'



input / required / the input node required to make the autocomplete input
key / required / the api key obtained from
itemtemplate / optional / the html template used to show the autocomplete results

Download the source code