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  1. We provide a variety of GIS data(*) services for both commercial and non-for-profit applications.
  2. We also provide solutions for commercial clients involving requirement studies, system design, and application development using open tools for GIS systems. Contact us to obtain more information.
  3. The standard rate for all our commercial data services is one cent (1c) for four (4) data items.

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      Geocoding Data Services

    • Real Time Geocoding:

      We strive to provide the most reliable and accurate geocoding services for Canada and the USA. Using our xml port you can integrate geocoding functionalities into your application in real time. We currently provide forward and reverse geocoding of street addresses, postal/zip codes and street intersections in both the USA and Canada. More information on usage can be found on the API pages. [Non-For_Profit Port | Commercial Port (cost $0.01 for 4 lookups)]
      Both XML ports provide the same quality of geocoding; but the Commercial Port has higher priority process scheduling, hence queries execute faster. Users of the commercial port also receive unthrottled use of the service, and priority response on support queries.

      How it is done:
      The base data set is provided by various agencies which gather GIS data (one of our Canadian data sources for example is compiled by GeoBase, whereas data for the USA are mainly based on the TIGER line dataset of the US census bureau). This data is then filtered by our system for inconsistencies. (We find that some of the data we acquire from these sources is incorrect possibly due to human data entry error. We have developed a way for discovering and correcting the majority of such errors. )
      After that raw data has been corrected and imported it is algorithmically processed to geocode locations.

      • Forward Geocoding is done by building a "line" (in most cases) or a "curve" through the data points representing a street then doing an interpolation based on the input street number of the location, or finding the intersection of two streets. You can input a location string in many different ways, as a civic address, intersection, geographical area, etc. Our location parser will take care of identifying all location components and geocode the result against our database of the north america's road network, and geographical features. Our customers use this information to build intelligent location aware applications.
      • Reverse geocoding is done by first finding the closest street segments to the input point out of a two dimensional matrix containing roughly 3 billion elements. Then we compute the closest point on the segment and return this street address along with the area's postal code and other information such as the county name, metro area, nearest intersection, nearest major intersection, the positioning of the nearest street relative to other streets, etc.. Our customers use this information for fleet management, cell phone tracking, Raw data analysis, Emergency 911 services, GPS tracking and route planning.

    • Batch Geocoding:

      Login to your account page to upload your text only csv files for batch processing. You can batch geocode or reverse geocode spreadsheets of addresses or locations using our batch geocoding engine. (For batch reverse geocoding your file must contain location information as latitude/longitude pairs.) Each line on the file is processed by including latitude, longitude, geocoding confidence score and a standartized form of the location (if applicable). Here is an example:

      Input line
      200 main sttorontoon
      This line in the processed file:
      Output line
      Original input lineLatitudeLongitudeConfidence score (from 1 to 0.5. with 1=best match,... 0.5=approximate match)Street NumberStandard street nameCityProvince/StatePostal/Zip Code
      "200 main st"," on"," toronto""43.682339""-79.299514""1""200""Main ST""Toronto""ON""M4E2V8"
      You may visualize your data on a map after it has been geocoded by clicking on Visualize Data

      Alternatively, we process batch geocoding jobs for our clients when customization beyond the capabilities of the automated batch geocoding tool is required. The rates vary with the size of the batch with the maximum rate being 1 cent for every 4 data items (a processing fee applies for small batches.)
      There are discounts for geocoding large files. Contact us to find more information.

    • Canadian crowdsourced postal codes geocoded Dataset:

      We offer some of our data as a batch download for those wishing to build commercial location based applications. One example of our batch products is our geocoded Canadian postal code database comprised of the postal code file, the postal code and street address file and the postal code area polygons file.

      How it is done:
      Our canadian crowdsourced postal code dataset contains over 950,000 postal codes. (As of the last update on 2017-08-01 00:15:03, 2389 new records were added and the exact number is 982765 unique postal codes, all verified and geocoded to street level accuracy)
      Each postal code in fact covers an "area". This area could be as small as a single house or city block; or as large as a whole town.
      Finding the most accurate geographical representation of this postal code, involves finding the point having the smallest relative distance from all locations included in the postal code area - also called the geodesic point. (normally this area is approximated to a convex hull, but it could also be a non-convex shape). We have built a system that computes this central location with a large degree of accuracy

      The Canadian postal codes dataset we offer can be adjusted according to customer's needs to include additional information about the city, streets and other geographical features related to any of the postal codes in addition to the relevant latitude/longitude information. Contact us for information about obtaining a customized Canadian postal code database. We also offer regular monthly updates of this database.
      Data Samples:
      1. Summary File - Canada Postal Code Dataset (982765 records as of 2017-08-01 00:15:03) Sample:

      "PostCode","Latitude","Longitude","City","Province","CityAlt","Neighborhood","Time Zone","Name","Area Code"
      2. Complete File - Canada Postal Address Database (15108687 records as of 2017-07-26 17:04:35) Sample:
      "PostCode","Number","Street","City","Province","Latitude","Longitude","Street Name","Type","Direction","Confidence"
      "K0A0A0","106","Giroux St","Ottawa","ON","45.490845","-75.663550","Giroux","ST","","0.7"
      "K0A0A0","2859","Matawatchan Rd","Ottawa","ON","45.183410","-77.082750","Matawatchan","RD","","0.7"
      "K0A0A1","143","ANTLER CRT","Almonte","ON","45.246763","-76.211144","ANTLER","CRT","","0.7"
      "K0A0A9","1090","REDTAIL PRIV","Ottawa","ON","45.432494","-75.634257","REDTAIL PRIV","","","1"
      "K0A0A9","1090","Redtail PVT","Ottawa","ON","45.431730","-75.633857","REDTAIL","PVT","","0.9"
      "Confidence" is the geocoding confidence score. A score of "1" means "rooftop" geocoding result, everything else is interpolated.

      3. Canada Postal Code Polygons Sample

      Point id,PostCode,Latitude,Longitude
      4. Postal Code and Census Information File Sample
      "PostCode","Latitude","Longitude","City","Province","CityAlt","Neighborhood","Time Zone","Name","Area Code","Census_Subdivision_cmauid","Census_Subdivision_pruid","Census_Subdivision_ername","Census_Subdivision_csdtype","Census_Subdivision_cmatype","Census_Subdivision_cdname","Census_Subdivision_csduid","Census_Subdivision_cdtype","Census_Subdivision_sacty
      "K2C1N5","45.368932","-75.701939","Ottawa","ON","Ottawa","Rideau View","UTC-05:00","America/Toronto","613","505","35","Ottawa","CV","B","Ottawa","3506008","CDR","1","505","Ontario","35505","Ottawa","3506","Ottawa","3510","3506008","Ottawa - Gatineau (Ontario part / partie de l'Ontario)","35","Ottawa","CDR","3506","35060141","Ontario","35","Ottawa","CDR","Ottawa","3506","3506008","Ontario","505","35","5050020.01","Ottawa","CV","0020.01","B","3506008","Ottawa","35060539004","CDR","1","35060141","505","35060539","Ontario","35505","7472133.34571000","35075","1184736.10221000","Ottawa","Ottawa Centre / Ottawa-Centre","3506","Ottawa","3510","3506008","Ottawa - Gatineau (Ontario part / partie de l'Ontario)","35","505","B","Ontario","Ottawa - Gatineau (Ontario part / partie de l'Ontario)","35505","35","Ottawa","CDR","3506","Ontario","Ottawa-Centre","","20131005","Ottawa Centre","{685CEE05-174D-4EE4-837E-A70ECC5A86BB}","ON","0","35075","113619","2013","505","35","5050020.01","B","0020.01","Ontario","Ottawa - Gatineau (Ontario part / partie de l'Ontario)","35505","35","Ottawa","3510","Ontario","505","35","5050020.01","Ottawa","CV","0020.01","B","3506008","Ottawa","CDR","1","35060141","505","35060539","Ontario","35505","Ottawa","3506","Ottawa","3510","3506008","Ottawa - Gatineau (Ontario part / partie de l'Ontario)","505","35","4","0616","B","Ottawa - Gatineau","1","350616","Ontario","Ottawa - Gatineau (Ontario part / partie de l'Ontario)","35505","35","3504","Eastern Ontario Region","Région de l'Est de l'Ontario","Ontario","ON45360757","Ottawa"

      Optional Downloads: Neighborhood Polygons, City Polygons for both USA and Canada (derived from the postal code dataset)

      $499CAD one time fee + $50 per month for updates (optional - the dataset is updated on the 1st day of each month)

      | Register to purchase the Canadian Postal Code Dataset (Immediate Download upon purchase.) Unrestricted Use License

      The Unrestricted Use License implies there are no restrictions on the use of our data, if you abide by our general terms of service.

      Other services we offer, include batch geocoding, geoparsing, location data cleanup and standardization and geospatial data analysis. Contact us for more information.

    • Address Cleanup and Standardization (USA and Canada Addresses):

      We cleanup and standardize address data, in the form of incomplete or nonstandard street addresses, street intersections, zip codes / postal codes. We also extract and standardize address and location information contained in bodies of text.

    • Customized Geocoding Server:

      Get your own geocoder server on the cloud.

    Cost: The price for all our commercial data services is one cent (1c) for four (4) data items (both real-time and batch).
      Custom Solutions
    • We plan and build location based web services at affordable consultancy rates. Some projects we undertake from the basic hardware requirements to the software implementation. Others simply involve proposing ways to improve existing applications. If you have such a project to complete, chances are we have the best solution.
    • We also offer customized geocoded address lists for USA and Canada. Contact us
(*)Clarification on data sources:
Since there have been enquiries on this topic we would like to clarify the following:
Our postal codes geocoded dataset is _NOT_ derived from statistics canada postal code conversion files. We derive this information from the association of postal codes to street addresses and geographical area locations, hence our product is much more accurate than those others which are based on the PCCF. (The census files are notorious for duplicates and inaccuracies)
Canadian postal code assignments to road segments are handled by Canada Post. The Road Network Files (RNF) are distribuited by several Canadian government agencies. The geographical names database is compiled by Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN). Some of the same information is collected by other agencies as well as the private sector. Some of the data comes from the GEOnet Names Server (GNS), the us census bureau and several private sector providers such as geocomm. Recently we have begun incorporating data from Open Data Pilot Project (as of January 2012).

Legal News, May 2016 - In regards to Canadian Postal Code data on

Canada Post commenced court proceedings in 2012 against Geolytica Inc. for copyright infringement in relation to Geolytica Inc.'s Canadian Postal Code Geocoded Dataset and related services offered on its website at The parties have now settled their dispute and Canada Post will discontinue the court proceedings. The postal codes returned by various geocoder interface APIs and downloadable on, are estimated via a crowdsourcing process. They are not licensed by from Canada Post, the entity responsible for assigning postal codes to street addresses. Geolytica continues to offer its products and services, using the postal code data it has collected via a crowdsourcing process which it created. Notice of Discontinuance