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Data Products Pricing is the most affordable geocoding option for USA and Canada with no usage restrictions.

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Free requests 2,500 / day 1,300 / day 1,120 / day
Pay as you go $2.5 per 1,000 requests $5 per 1,000 requests
Unlimited Plan $500 / month
AWS Marketplace Server Option
No Contracts
No Usage Restrictions
Bulk Geocoding
Reverse Geocoding
Freeform text Geoparsing
USA zip code / Canada postal code lookups
North American IP Address lookups
Custom features at no cost (on a case-by-case basis) - -
How to compare the accuracy of with Google Maps and other providers: There is no independently accepted metric for comparing the accuracy of various geocoders. In theory you need what is called "ground truth", i.e. verified locations with latitude,longitude. Then you can compare the verified location vs the one returned by a geocoding service.

In the absence of such a comparison tool, you can check locations you are familiar with on, Google maps, etc; then compare the results. We have seen such comparisons provided by our clients, but we can not comment as we are obviously biased.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)? Our servers are on the AWS cloud with redundancy and failover, so we provide uptime guarantees for paying customers. Free users may be throttled at various usage loads.

If AWS goes down (as it has in the past) pretty much half of the internet goes down with it. Now that the AWS cloud has matured to the stage it is at, that possibility is very unlikely.

Please follow us on twitter where we'll communicate in the event of any outage.

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