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Version: August 1, 2016
Terms and Conditions of Service is a Canadian corporation registered under the corporate name of "Geolytica Inc". It provides geocoding, batch geocoding and geoparsing services for Canada and the USA, free of charge to the users of this website.
The following conditions apply to all entities that use these services via the XML/JSON/CSV port or obtain our data products.

  1. Such an entity must be a non-for-profit.
  2. And provide proper attribution for the service.
  1. Pay the required commercial license fee.
The free XML/JSON/CSV port may be used for testing from all user categories.
More details can be found on our services pages and our un-throttled commercial XML port .


Our geocoding coverage is limited to North America (Canada, the US and Mexico.) There are no limitations on the storage or use of our geocoding responses. You may pre-fetch, cache, or store any of the API responses we provide. For Data Products provided under the unlimited use license, please read below.


All our services are priced in Canadian Dollars (CAD) for Canada based clients, and in US dollars (USD) for clients in the US and Mexico. (Also, the GST rate for our Canada based clients depends on their province.) Major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard) as well as PayPal are accepted.

The standard rate for geocoding services is 1 cent for 4 data items. (We do not charge for queries that fail to return acceptable results.)

Delivery of Services

Our regular turnaround time is one (1) business day for all geocoding services. The delivery method is electronic on all products and services.

Refund Policy

No refunds are offered on commercial geocoding services. Please use the free services to test before you buy. The quality of data in both commercial and free xml ports is the same.

Privacy Policy

We recognize the importance of the privacy of our users, so we design our services with the goal of carefully safeguarding your information. We do not share, nor redistribute any of the information that we might collect in the course of our activities. We will however from time to time use the non-personally-identifying location information you provide to improve our current products and develop new ones.

Jurisdiction is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It provides geocoding services for the United States and all provinces and territories of Canada.

Data Products

We provide data products under an unrestricted use license. They are provided for a one-time fee, with the option of obtaining automated updates for a flat monthly fee. The one time fee gives access to the latest datasets at the time of purchase and to the monthly update files. Subsequent master datasets in both CSV and SQL formats are only available to subscribed clients.

This data license means you are permitted to:

  1. Use the data without any restrictions, except, the redistribution of the data in a way that directly competes with


These terms may change at any time.

Legal News, May 2016 - In regards to Canadian Postal Code data on

Canada Post commenced court proceedings in 2012 against Geolytica Inc. for copyright infringement in relation to Geolytica Inc.'s Canadian Postal Code Geocoded Dataset and related services offered on its website at The parties have now settled their dispute and Canada Post will discontinue the court proceedings. The postal codes returned by various geocoder interface APIs and downloadable on, are estimated via a crowdsourcing process. They are not licensed by from Canada Post, the entity responsible for assigning postal codes to street addresses. Geolytica continues to offer its products and services, using the postal code data it has collected via a crowdsourcing process which it created. Notice of Discontinuance