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  1. We provide a variety of GIS data(*) services for both commercial and non-for-profit applications.
  2. We also provide solutions for commercial clients involving requirement studies, system design, and application development using open tools for GIS systems. Contact us to obtain more information.
  3. The standard rate for all our commercial data services is one cent (1c) for four (4) data items.

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    • Address Cleanup and Standardization (USA and Canada Addresses):

      We cleanup and standardize address data, in the form of incomplete or nonstandard street addresses, street intersections, zip codes / postal codes. We also extract and standardize address and location information contained in bodies of text. Login to upload your data to our batch geocoding and address standardization interface.

      1. Input File - Non Standard Addresses:

      "200 - 666 Burrard St., Park Place","Vancouver","BC","V6C 2X8"
      "Suite 458, 550 Burrard St.","Vancouver","BC","V6C 2B5"
      "1441 A Old Island Hwy.","Campbell River","BC","V9W 2E4"
      "30 Gostick Place","North Vancouver","BC","V7M 3G3"
      "Unit 214 - 2459 Cousins Ave.","Courtenay","BC","V9N 3N6"
      "Unit 1 - 2650 Progessive Way","Abbotsford","BC","V2T 6H9"
      "Suite 259 - 1011 9th Ave SE","Calgary","AB","T2G 0H7"
      "15th Floor - 1040 W. Georgia St.","Vancouver","BC","V6E 4H1"
      "158 West Stewart Street","Vanderhoof","BC","V0J 3A0"
      "Suite 680 - 1066 West Hastings St.","Vancouver","BC","V6E 3X1"
      "Unit 3 ᅢ까タᅡモ 30528 Great Northern Ave.","Abbotsford","BC","V2T 6H4"
      "1261 Bev McLachlin Drive, Unit 6","Pincher Creek","AB","T0K 1W0"
      "200 - 4723  1 Street SW","Calgary","AB","T2G 4Y8"
      "Suite 440, 233 West 1st St.","North Vancouver","BC","V7M 1B3"
      "600-1055 Dunsmuir Street","Vancouver","BC","V7X 1V5"
      "600 ᅢ까タᅡモ 2695 Granville Street","Vancouver","BC","V6H 3H4"
      "36 Lajeunesse Street","Kingsey Falls","QC","J0A 1B0"
      "606-1155 Robson Street","Vancouver","BC","V6E 1B5"
      "Suite 1000, 205 9th Avenue SE","Calgary","AB","T2G 0R3"
      "P.O. Box 2003","Sparwood","BC","V0B 2G0"
      "PO Box 879, 225 Sus Ave","Burns Lake","BC","V0J 1E0"
      "7030 Trans-Canada Highway","Duncan","BC","V9L 6A2"
      "P.O. Box 437 STN A","Campbell River","BC","V9W 5B6"
      "49 Atli Street P.O. Box 210","Alert Bay","BC","V0N 1A0"
      "Suite 600-888 Dunsmuir Street","Vancouver","BC","V6C 3K4"
      "1641 Hwy 99","Pemberton","BC","V0N 2L0"
      "3650-16th Ave","Smithers","BC","V0J 2N0"
      "#206 5102 50th Ave","Yellowknife","NT","X1A 3S8"
      "Unit 301 - 4400 Marine Ave.","Powell River","BC","V8A 2K1"
      "608 Bruce Ave.","Nanaimo","BC","V9R 3Y7"
      "600 - 2695 Granville St.","Vancouver","BC","V6H 3H4"
      "1441-16th Avenue","Campbell River","BC","V9W 2E4"
      "Suite 200 - 850 Harbourside Drive","North Vancouver","BC","V7P 0A3"
      "2nd Floor, 1022 Government St.","Victoria","BC","V8W 1X7"
      "1800 - 510 West Georgia Street","Vancouver","BC","V6B 0M3"
      "6333 Unsworth Rd #212,","Chilliwack","BC","V2R 5M3"
      "6911 Southpoint Dr. 11th Floor","Burnaby","BC","V3N 4X8"
      "102-38085 Second Avenue","Squamish","BC ᅢツᅡᅠ","V8B 0B6"
      "Box 211 ","Port Alberni","BC","V9Y 7M7"

      1. Output File - Standard Geocoded Addresses:
      "V6C 2X8","BC","Vancouver","200 - 666 Burrard St., Park Place",49.285067,-123.119358,1,"200 - 666","Burrard ST","Vancouver","BC","V6C2X8",0.9,200
      "V6C 2B5","BC","Vancouver","Suite 458, 550 Burrard St.",49.285718,-123.118287,1,"458 - 550","Burrard St","Vancouver","BC","V6C2B5",1,"Suite 458"
      "V9W 2E4","BC","Campbell River","1441 A Old Island Hwy.",49.982494,-125.224538,1,1441,"Island HWY S","Campbell River","BC","V9W8C9",0.8,
      "V7M 3G3","BC","North Vancouver","30 Gostick Place",49.315078,-123.092308,1,30,"Gostick PL","North Vancouver","BC","V7M3G3",1,
      "V9N 3N6","BC","Courtenay","Unit 214 - 2459 Cousins Ave.",49.669444,-124.997141,1,"214 - 2459","Cousins AVE","Courtenay","BC","V9N3N6",1,"Unit 214"
      "V2T 6H9","BC","Abbotsford","Unit 1 - 2650 Progessive Way",49.050652,-122.375168,1,"1 - 2650","PROGRESSIVE WAY","Abbotsford","BC",,0.5,"Unit 1"
      "T2G 0H7","AB","Calgary","Suite 259 - 1011 9th Ave SE",51.042549,-114.038709,1,"259 - 1011","9 AVE SE","Calgary","AB","T2G0H7",1,"Suite 259"
      "V6E 4H1","BC","Vancouver","15th Floor - 1040 W. Georgia St.",49.285045,-123.121884,1,1040,"Georgia ST W - 15th Floor","Vancouver","BC","V6E4H1",0.9,"15th Floor"
      "V0J 3A0","BC","Vanderhoof","158 West Stewart Street",54.015639,-124.009269,1,158,"Stewart ST W","Vanderhoof","BC","V0J3L0",0.8,
      "V6E 3X1","BC","Vancouver","Suite 680 - 1066 West Hastings St.",49.287363,-123.118872,1,"680 - 1066","Hastings St W","Vancouver","BC","V6E3X1",1,"Suite 680"
      "V2T 6H4","BC","Abbotsford","Unit 3 ¬タモ 30528 Great Northern Ave.",49.050338,-122.377759,1,"3 - 30528","Great Northern AVE","Abbotsford","BC","V2T6H4",1,"Unit 3 ¬タ"
      "T0K 1W0","AB","Pincher Creek","1261 Bev McLachlin Drive, Unit 6",49.492331,-113.946125,1,"6 - 1261","Bev Mclachlin DR","Pincher Creek","AB","T0K1W0",0.9,"Unit 6"
      "T2G 4Y8","AB","Calgary","200 - 4723  1 Street SW",51.010125,-114.065827,1,"200 - 4723","1 St Sw","Calgary","AB","T2G4Y8",1,200
      "V7M 1B3","BC","North Vancouver","Suite 440, 233 West 1st St.",49.314205,-123.08318,1,"440 - 233","1st ST W","North Vancouver","BC","V7M1B4",0.8,"Suite 440"
      "V7X 1V5","BC","Vancouver","600-1055 Dunsmuir Street",49.286551,-123.120916,1,"600 - 1055","Dunsmuir St","Vancouver","BC","V7X1L4",1,600
      "V6H 3H4","BC","Vancouver","600 ¬タモ 2695 Granville Street",49.261832,-123.139049,1,"600 - 2695","Granville ST","Vancouver","BC","V6H3H4",1,"600 ¬タ"
      "J0A 1B0","QC","Kingsey Falls","36 Lajeunesse Street",45.861088,-72.063852,1,36,"rue Lajeunesse","Kingsey Falls","QC","J0A1B0",0.9,
      "V6E 1B5","BC","Vancouver","606-1155 Robson Street",49.285671,-123.12587,1,"606 - 1155","Robson ST","Vancouver","BC","V6E1B5",1,606
      "T2G 0R3","AB","Calgary","Suite 1000, 205 9th Avenue SE",51.044555,-114.060644,1,"1000 - 205","9 AVE SE","Calgary","AB","T2G0R3",0.9,"Suite 1000"
      "V0B 2G0","BC","Sparwood","P.O. Box 2003",49.720554,-114.894961,1,551,"BUCKTHORN RD - P.O. Box 2003","Sparwood","BC",,0.3,"P.O. Box 2003"
      "V0J 1E0","BC","Burns Lake","PO Box 879, 225 Sus Ave",54.238734,-125.758134,1,225,"Sus AVE - PO Box 879","Burns Lake","BC","V0J1E0",0.8,"PO Box 879"
      "V9W 5B6","BC","Campbell River","P.O. Box 437 STN A",50.042354,-125.173542,1,,"Fox RD - P.O. Box 437 STN A","Campbell River","BC",,0.4,"P.O. Box 437 STN A"
      "V0N 1A0","BC","Alert Bay","49 Atli Street P.O. Box 210",50.593403,-126.926717,1,49,"Atli RD - P.O. Box 210","Alert Bay","BC","V0N1A0",0.9,"P.O. Box 210"
      "V6C 3K4","BC","Vancouver","Suite 600-888 Dunsmuir Street",49.284543,-123.118347,1,"600 - 888","Dunsmuir St","Vancouver","BC","V6C2G2",1,"Suite 600"
      "V0N 2L0","BC","Pemberton","1641 Hwy 99",50.308804,-122.66435,1,1641,"99 HWY","Pemberton","BC","V0N2K0",0.8,
      "V0J 2N0","BC","Smithers","3650-16th Ave",54.779209,-127.150961,1,3650,"16th AVE","Smithers","BC","V0J3K0",1,
      "X1A 3S8","NT","Yellowknife","#206 5102 50th Ave",62.453478,-114.37299,1,"206 - 5102","50 AVE","Yellowknife","NT","X1A3S8",0.9,206
      "V8A 2K1","BC","Powell River","Unit 301 - 4400 Marine Ave.",49.836119,-124.527501,1,"301 - 4400","Marine AVE","Powell River","BC","V8A2K1",0.9,"Unit 301"
      "V9R 3Y7","BC","Nanaimo","608 Bruce Ave.",49.155137,-123.949561,1,608,"Bruce AVE","Nanaimo","BC","V9R3Y7",0.9,
      "V6H 3H4","BC","Vancouver","600 - 2695 Granville St.",49.261832,-123.139049,1,"600 - 2695","Granville ST","Vancouver","BC","V6H3H4",1,600
      "V9W 2E4","BC","Campbell River","1441-16th Avenue",50.030244,-125.253519,1,1441,"16th AVE","Campbell River","BC","V9W2E4",1,
      "V7P 0A3","BC","North Vancouver","Suite 200 - 850 Harbourside Drive",49.314569,-123.096896,1,"200 - 850","Harbourside DR","North Vancouver","BC","V7P3T7",0.9,"Suite 200"
      "V8W 1X7","BC","Victoria","2nd Floor, 1022 Government St.",48.42491,-123.367844,1,1022,"Government ST - 2nd Floor","Victoria","BC","V8W1X7",0.9,"2nd Floor"
      "V6B 0M3","BC","Vancouver","1800 - 510 West Georgia Street",49.281258,-123.116936,1,"1800 - 510","Georgia St W","Vancouver","BC","V6B0M3",1,1800
      "V2R 5M3","BC","Chilliwack","6333 Unsworth Rd #212,",49.117122,-121.994445,1,"212 - 6333","Unsworth RD","Chilliwack","BC","V2R5M3",1,212
      "V3N 4X8","BC","Burnaby","6911 Southpoint Dr. 11th Floor",49.21107,-122.95716,1,6911,"Southpoint DR - 11th Floor","Burnaby","BC","V3N4X8",1,"11th Floor"
      "V8B 0B6","BC ᅡᅠ","Squamish","102-38085 Second Avenue",49.700324,-123.153989,1,"102 - 38085","Second AVE","Squamish","BC","V8B0A4",1,102
      "V9Y 7M7","BC","Port Alberni","Box 211 ",49.249049,-124.783775,1,211,"Port Alberni HWY","Alberni","BC","V9Y8R5",0.8,

    • Customized Geocoding Server:

      Get your own geocoder server on the cloud.

    Cost: The price for all our commercial data services is one cent (1c) for two (2) data items (both real-time and batch).
      Custom Solutions
    • We plan and build location based web services at affordable consultancy rates. Some projects we undertake from the basic hardware requirements to the software implementation. Others simply involve proposing ways to improve existing applications. If you have such a project to complete, chances are we have the best solution.
    • We also offer customized geocoded address lists for USA and Canada. Contact us
(*)Clarification on data sources:
Since there have been enquiries on this topic we would like to clarify the following:
Our postal codes geocoded dataset is _NOT_ derived from statistics canada postal code conversion files. We derive this information from the association of postal codes to street addresses and geographical area locations, hence our product is much more accurate than those others which are based on the PCCF. (The census files are notorious for duplicates and inaccuracies)
Canadian postal code assignments to road segments are handled by Canada Post. The Road Network Files (RNF) are distribuited by several Canadian government agencies. The geographical names database is compiled by Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN). Some of the same information is collected by other agencies as well as the private sector. Some of the data comes from the GEOnet Names Server (GNS), the us census bureau and several private sector providers such as geocomm. Recently we have begun incorporating data from Open Data Pilot Project (as of January 2012).