Terms and Conditions of Service

Geocoder.ca is a Canadian corporation registered under the corporate name of "Geolytica Inc". It provides geocoding services for Canada and the USA, free of charge to web surfers on this website.
The following conditions apply to other entities wishing to use our geocoding services via the free XML port

  1. such an entity must be a non-for-profit
  2. and provide proper attribution for the service.
The free XML port may also be used for testing from all our user categories.
We also provide premium commercial data services to interested parties that do not meet the aforementioned conditions.
More details can be found our services pages and our un-throttled commercial XML port .

Under no circumstances can our data be re-distributed or re-sold by anyone to other parties without our written permission.


Our geocoding coverage is limited to Canada and the US.


All our services are priced in Canadian Dollars (CAD). Major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard) as well as paypal are accepted.

Delivery of Services

Our regular turnaround time is one (1) business day for all geocoding services. The delivery method is electronic on all products and services.

Refund Policy

No refunds are offered on commercial geocoding services. Please use the free services to test before you buy. The quality of data in both commercial and free xml ports is the same.

Privacy Policy

We recognize the importance of the privacy of our users, so we design our services with the goal of carefully safeguarding your information. We do not share, nor redistribute any of the information that we might collect in the course of our activities. We will however from time to time use the non-personally-identifying location information you provide to improve our current products and develop new ones.


Geocoder.ca is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It provides geocoding services for the United States and all provinces and territories of Canada.