Dissemination Block L9Y1J0 postal code polygon

Demographic Data from the 2016 Census

Dissemination Block for L9Y1J0

cmauid=, pruid=35, ctuid=, ername=Stratford-Bruce Peninsula, csdtype=T, ctname=, cmatype=, csduid=3542045, cdname=Grey, dbuid=35420236011, cdtype=CTY, sactype=4, adauid=35420001, saccode=996, dauid=35420236, prname=Ontario, cmapuid=, dbrplamx=-80.4688287711238, feduid=35099, dbrplamy=44.4668410158436, csdname=The Blue Mountains, fedname=Simcoe-Grey, cduid=3542, ccsname=The Blue Mountains, eruid=3580, ccsuid=3542045, cmaname=, Back

Demographic Data from the 2016 Census