Geocode USA and Canada

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About was founded on July 15th 2005 by Ervin Ruci. (that first version was picked up 15 days later by

Incorporated on November 15th 2007 as Geolytica INC, it provides geoparsing, geocoding, reverse geocoding, batch geocoding API and data services for locations in the USA and Canada.

The geocoding problem, which mostly involves converting a textual address into geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude), is a complex and challenging task due to the variability and ambiguity of natural language. While there are various geocoding techniques and tools available, they often rely on a combination of heuristics, statistical models, and machine learning algorithms to achieve high accuracy - with no single technique solving this problem for good.

Our geocoding techniques have evolved over the years to get as close to the best solution as possible. We also released a wordwide geocoding service in late 2016 - Geocode.XYZ - for those looking for geocoding services outside of North America.

Keep an eye on our development blog for the latest features and products or get in touch via our contact page.