Geocoding USA & Canada since 2005.

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What is is a public web service providing both free and commercial geocoding services for North America: Canada and the USA. Geocoding is the process of computing the latitude and longitude of a location.


Looking for a Canadian geocoding service, we found a few inaccurate, incomplete and expensive ones.
So we decided to build our own.

History: sprung out as a practical application from the academic research conducted by Ervin Ruci in the field of Computational Geometry at the School of Graduate Studies, Carleton University during the 2004-2005 academic year. The first free canadian geocoder was released on July 5th 2005.

Current Status:

This geocoder is constantly improving and expanding in response to the GIS computational needs of the web development community.

How accurate is our Geocoding:

I have observed an average error of 9 metres. That's better than GPS accuracy. (however in rural areas the approximations could be more rough. that is being improved though.)

Future Plans:

As noted on the front page, improving this free service is an ongoing process. Keep an eye at this page for announcements on new releases.

Our Location.

601 - 1435 prince of wales, ottawa, ontario, canada, k2c 1n5.
phone: (613) 402-1203

Ackowledgements: Many thanks to Professor Michiel Smid for getting me interested in Computational Geometry in the first place.