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  1. We provide a variety of GIS data(*) services for both commercial and non-for-profit applications.
  2. We also provide solutions for commercial clients involving requirement studies, system design, and application development using open tools for GIS systems. Contact us to obtain more information.
  3. The standard rate for all our commercial data services is one cent (1c) for four (4) data items.

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    • Address Cleanup and Standardization (USA and Canada Addresses):

      We cleanup and standardize address data, in the form of incomplete or nonstandard street addresses, street intersections, zip codes / postal codes. We also extract and standardize address and location information contained in bodies of text.

    • Customized Geocoding Server:

      Get your own geocoder server on the cloud.

    Cost: The price for all our commercial data services is one cent (1c) for four (4) data items (both real-time and batch).
      Custom Solutions
    • We plan and build location based web services at affordable consultancy rates. Some projects we undertake from the basic hardware requirements to the software implementation. Others simply involve proposing ways to improve existing applications. If you have such a project to complete, chances are we have the best solution.
    • We also offer customized geocoded address lists for USA and Canada. Contact us
(*)Clarification on data sources:
Since there have been enquiries on this topic we would like to clarify the following:
Our postal codes geocoded dataset is _NOT_ derived from statistics canada postal code conversion files. We derive this information from the association of postal codes to street addresses and geographical area locations, hence our product is much more accurate than those others which are based on the PCCF. (The census files are notorious for duplicates and inaccuracies)
Canadian postal code assignments to road segments are handled by Canada Post. The Road Network Files (RNF) are distribuited by several Canadian government agencies. The geographical names database is compiled by Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN). Some of the same information is collected by other agencies as well as the private sector. Some of the data comes from the GEOnet Names Server (GNS), the us census bureau and several private sector providers such as geocomm. Recently we have begun incorporating data from Open Data Pilot Project (as of January 2012).

Legal News, May 2016 - In regards to Canadian Postal Code data on

Canada Post commenced court proceedings in 2012 against Geolytica Inc. for copyright infringement in relation to Geolytica Inc.'s Canadian Postal Code Geocoded Dataset and related services offered on its website at The parties have now settled their dispute and Canada Post will discontinue the court proceedings. The postal codes returned by various geocoder interface APIs and downloadable on, are estimated via a crowdsourcing process. They are not licensed by from Canada Post, the entity responsible for assigning postal codes to street addresses. Geolytica continues to offer its products and services, using the postal code data it has collected via a crowdsourcing process which it created. Notice of Discontinuance